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Hypnotist Hank Stone - Corporate Comedy Hypnotist and Entertainer.

Hank Stone is a rising star with many credits to his name. Hank Stone has been on National television and many radio guest appearances. He was recently featured in the prestigious London MixMag Magazine and on their TV Talk Show. Hank Stone is an expert in hypnosis. Hank Stone just finished a TV show pilot with his comedy hypnosis. Hank Stone has a hilariously funny hypnosis show and has just returned to Europe. I have no doubt that you and your colleagues and guests will absolutely love Hank Stone’s comedy hypnosis show. I have so many wonderful comments coming back regarding Hank Stone’s performance. “Hank Stone was the best hypnotist they have ever had!” and “Hank Stone is absolutely hilarious with incredible quick wit but best of all, his show is volunteer friendly and the perfect corporate show.”, " Everyone loved Hank Stones show....we will definitely by having a Hank Stone again to perform for our company!" Hank Stone’s show is never embarrassing, always performed in good taste and Hank Stone takes great care with his volunteers. Hank Stone's humour is always in good taste and incredibly funny. You will love the comedy hypnosis of Hank Stone.

I was invited to the UK to prove the power of the subconscious mind. This experiment is something that I have had in my comedy show for over a decade. It was a great experience and I would like to thank the wonderful people at Mixmag.net and the Magazine Mixmag.

High on hypnosis? Think of the ramifications: no comedowns, no damage to bladder or brain, no fear of bouncers catching you in the toilet. We called award winning hypnotist Hank Stone. Here's what happened. http://hypnotisthankstone.com Ecstacy in 2015? Here's the lowdown: http://www.mixmag.net/feature/ecstasy... Hank Stone is an award winning comedy hypnotist and hypnotherapist having performed in over 27 countries worldwide. Executive Producer: Fraser Boyes Producer / Editor: Tillie Wood Camera: Joe Pochciol Sound: Callum Reece Graphics: Vassilis Skandalis Music used: Seven Davis Jnr - Summers http://btprt.dj/1HUP5OG [Apron] Weights + Changes - Mars http://bit.ly/1yPvf5q [Free D/L] Trace - Midland (Grain remix) [AUS] http://btprt.dj/1G6Y4HZ Horatio & Gruia - Put A Smile On Your Face [Monza Ibiza] http://bit.ly/16XT4L8

Here was a fun morning on Giant FM with two great radio personalities.

When I was eating breakfast the next morning after a show I was reading the paper and the waitress pointed out to me that I was on the cover. How embarrassing.

Special thanks to Rob Royce - Your life in stills and the Lapain.

Another Sold out Show and great reviews in both the Newspapers and other articles.

Here was a fun morning on Giant FM with two great radio personalities.

Stage Hypnotist Hank Stone - Stage Hypnotist Kenny Craig (Little Britain - UK Television) Hank Stone live New Year Eve in Kingston upon Thames United Kingdom 2010-2011. Doing his Kenny Craig "look into my eyes not around the eyes, don't look around the eyes, and your under"

Comedy Hypnotist Hank Stone - London England - New Years Eve Here is Hypnotist Hank Stone preforming in London England on New Years Eve. This was his 5th time at the Comedy Stage Mondays hosted the comedy Club Outside the Box. Past comedians on the stage included Robbin Williams Jimmy Carr Dara O'Briain Lee Mack Bill Bailey Mickey Flanagan