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September 3, 2023 Hank Stone

Hank Stone – Movie Soundtracks

Hank Stone – Movie Soundtracks

In the world of music, there are moments that define an artist’s career. For me, one such moment was the opportunity to contribute to the Underworld Evolution soundtrack. It was a journey filled with gratitude, collaboration and a deep sense of fulfillment.

One of the most surreal aspects of this experience was the chance to have my work featured alongside my musical heroes. These were the artists whose music had shaped my own musical journey. Suddenly, I found myself collaborating with them on a feature film soundtrack, not as a fan, but as a peer.

Crafting the soundtrack was a creative challenge, unlike anything I had ever experienced. The music had to complement the film’s narrative, enhancing its emotional impact. It was a responsibility I didn’t take lightly, and it pushed me to explore new dimensions of my artistry.

Throughout this journey, gratitude remained at the forefront of my emotions. I couldn’t help but think about how far I had come as an artist. It was a humbling reminder that hard work and dedication could lead to unexpected opportunities.

When the Underworld Evolution soundtrack was released, the response was heartwarming. Hearing our music in the context of the film was a deeply emotional experience. Knowing that it resonated with audiences was the greatest reward. I remember fans coming up to us after the show and sharing their gratitude and experiences with the music that we had created. It was an incredible experience.

In conclusion, my involvement in the Underworld Evolution soundtrack was a pivotal moment in my musical career. The message is not to brag about my accomplishments but to tell a story about realizing a dream, collaborating with heroes, and feeling the power of music to connect with others. This journey continues to inspire me to explore new horizons in my musical endeavours, reminding me that opportunities can arise when you least expect them. It is never too late, the next song is just a few notes away.

— Hank Stone

Hank Stone

Hank Stone is an award winning comedy hypnotist, mentalist, mesmerist, hypnotist, hypnotherapist, actor, magician, author, dj, international recording artist, producer, model and more. He has performed in over 27 different countries around the world on radio, television and other media including international recordings.

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